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2004 Tulip Creek
1972 Bartel House
1993 Goshen House

front elevation drawing

view from northwest above and floor plan below

Goshen Home - Marvin Bartel, designer,
Hope Builders, contractors, 1993.

This home features level entryways with no steps at the entrance or to the garage. All the doors are 36 inches wide for easy wheelchair use.

The interior has trim work, floors, and cabinets made from locally milled oak - much of it from two 150 year old oak trees taken down to make room for the house situated on a one acre wooded lot. The exterior is stained cedar siding.

The living and dining areas and two bedrooms have cathedral ceilings. Skylights in the kitchen, living room, and front bedroom brighten the interior.

The full basement was designed with ample windows to light the main area and a large egress window from a guest bedroom. Swales in the landscaping allow beautiful wooded views from the basement windows.

The house features an air-to-air heat exchanger that exhausts stale air from the bath rooms and kitchen, using that air to preheat or cool the incoming fresh air delivered through the heating and air conditioning duct system. Energy efficient insulation and tight construction conserve heat and air conditioning.

2016 UPDATE: The shop and garage were modified by the most recent owners who changed the shop into a cottage business location. The garage is now a single car garage with an enlarged shop/business area. An interior wall now separates the garage from the business area. The south garage door has been changed to a conventional entry door to the business.

2004 Tulip Creek
1972 Bartel House
1993 Goshen House

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