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2004 Tulip Creek
1972 Bartel House
1993 Goshen House

August - 2004

These photos show a nearly completed 600 sq. ft. addition to a historic farmhouse at a nature center. It features a Rumford fireplace. The fireplace is sited with all of its thermal mass inside the room to maximize the energy use. Air space between the insulated exterior and the masonry of the fireplace and chimney allows the stored warmth to continue to warm the interior. Bartel face tile and hearth tile with features the tulip poplar leaf and flower motif.

above - the view - west windows

The room features hand hewn posts and beams taken from a nearby barn.

Flooring and stairs are hickory. Doors and trim are tulip poplar.

The roof is built from 10 inch structural insulated panels that span 8 foot spaces between the hand hewn support beams.

Designed for
Tulip Creek
Nature Center

Nobel County north of Ligonier, Indiana, on CR 900 W.
phone 260.894.4250

Dana Miller and Jim Brubaker

2004 Tulip Creek
1972 Bartel House
1993 Goshen House

All Rights Reserved
Construction Design and Photos
©  Marvin Bartel

Custom designed stoneware tile using tulip tree leaf
and flower motif

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Are you planning to build or remodeling a home, studio, or small business?  Good design adds much more value than it costs.


  1. owner identity
  2. low maintenance
  3. high quality - not too large
  4. integrity of materials - no fake materials may be used
  5. timeless by virtue of unique aesthetics - not "another one of those"
  6. fits the setting with character
  7. careful crafting
  8. energy efficient
  9. artistic and memorable

Good design sings a visual song that sticks in the mind's eye like a pleasant tune. As you live, work, and play there, you become part of its harmony.


  1. I can provide preliminary sketches and concepts and/or create complete building plans created specifically for to your needs. 

    I make hand drawn and Photoshop renderings to show the look of your home. I collaborate with your builder and make computer generated AutoCAD files and construction details that are within the practices of the builder you select, or I can recommend a builder.
  2. If you already have a set of plans, for a small one-time fee, I can provide an expert review of your builder's plans.  This often brings up options you may not have otherwise considered.  This can save cost and add beauty and utility.   "Standard" building design features may be wrong for you. 

WHO - bartel bio

I am neither an architect nor a builder. I am artist who has designed a number of homes. I work closely with exper- ienced builders who take pride in their craft. 


I charge a modest fee for design services based on the time required.  Construction costs are determined by the builder you select, or I can suggest a builder.

Marvin Bartel

updated September 15, 2004
all rights reserved
© Marvin Bartel