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Above is maple leaf stoneware tile hearth set in a cherry floor.  It is in the Bartel home.  Contact me for custom home design and for one-of-a-kind tile and sink needs.  See Home Design below.
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white oak

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tile fireplace

ginkgo fireplace

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tile fireplace

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Here are some new bowls. The designs are inspired by leaf shadows in my yard. Click this image for larger view and pricing
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Now available: The Way Pots Pour 
 . . . a Bartel instructional video
Are you thinking about building or remodeling your home?  I can provide home design consulting services that can help give your home identity and integrity.  Good design adds much more value than it costs.  Below I am listing three valuable design services you may wish to purchase.
  1. If you already have a set of plans, I can provide an expert review of your builder's plans.  This often brings up options you may not have otherwise considered.  This can save cost and add beauty and utility.   "Standard" building design features may be wrong for you. 
  2. If you are just starting and have not selected a builder or a plan, I can suggest a list of questions to help with awareness of issues many people might otherwise overlook. 
  3. If you want a custom design, I can create complete building plans individualized to your needs.  My home designs subscribe to the values of modest size, integrity of materials, careful crafting, energy efficiency, owner identity, low maintenance, and innovative aesthetically pleasing design.  I am not a builder, but I will work closely with any sympathetic builder who takes pride in craft.  I charge a modest fee for design services.  I make hand drawn and Photoshop renderings to show the look of your home and computer generated AutoCAD files and prints for the builder to follow.

Design Services

Artwork includes:  Consultant services include: 
  • kiln design and kiln design review of your design with recommendations for safety and efficiency. My innovative patented method for saving about one half of the fuel costs is described  in Ceramics Monthly, September, 1990.  My kiln has been in continuous service since 1975 using this technology.
  • ceramic process consultation for manufacturers.
  • ceramic design services for manufacturers.
  • art education review and development with a view toward appropriate and effective implementation to meet national standards, drawing instruction, clay instruction, intellectual and emotional development, theories of creativity, and other topics.
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Now available: The Way Pots Pour 
 . . . a Bartel instructional video

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Orders are custom designed 
in consultation with you, the 
A percentage payment is expected
prior to production of special orders. 
Balance is due upon delivery of
completed work.
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  Marvin Bartel - 1998, 2000

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this table base 
is available 
price $1000 
plus glass top 
and sales tax 
if applicable 

Available sink 
See it in process

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Sorry, this table is sold
This table is available 

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